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Fox Hill Farm


Fox Hill Farm is nestled in the foothills of the Rockies about 35 miles west of Laramie. It lies at an altitude of 8,200 feet and consists of slightly more than 200 acres of scruffy pasture land (sagebrush interspersed with tufts of grass), a 20-acre hay meadow, aspen groves and some stands of magnificent fir trees. On its southern and western sides it borders Natinal Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land, respectively. About 160 acres of Fox Hill Farm lie on relatively flat land, in a valley-like setting; the remainder is hilly with the higher elevations affording splendid 10-mile views of the Centennial Valley.




The buildings on the Farm include a large wooden midwestern-style barn with a second-story hay loft running the entire length of the structure, a smaller barn and a personal residence. Both barns have complete and well-appointed apartments as well as a number of comfortable stalls. Two of the stalls in the smaller barn are of the super-size variety and are used as the "maternity ward." The Farm also has an outdoor riding arena and a sizeable stock pond fed by the overflow from an artisian spring.

In September 1999, Fox Hill Farm had the honor of hosting an inspection team for a mandatory mare inspection. The team was comprised of Chief Judge Brad Kerbs, Mare Inspector Rhea Gibble, and scribe Suzy Kerbs. The day was sunny, but with the legendary Wyoming wind. The wind did not seem to faze the inspection team or to compromise their focus, although it certainly was a challenge to the calmness of the Trakehners being inspected. All-in-all the day went off without a hitch and the team's comments have proven useful in improving the Farm's breeding program.