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Fox Hill Farm Canines


Currently Fox Hill Farm is home not only to the Trakehners but also to five English Pointers. Aramis (Ari) and Athos (Toss) were born here in April 2001 while Beya, Bosworth (Bozzie) and Beauregard (Bobo) followed a year later. Each of these affectionate companions has a private kennel in a mud room in the main house but takes turns roaming freely, forever vigilant for birds. Although taught otherwise early on, they do get distracted by chipmunks in the outspouts of the house as well as by the gophers and prairie dogs that frequent the area.

Our present companions are the third generation of Pointers to reside here. The first generation came to us directly from Germany, having been bred under the auspices of the German Pointer Club (GPC) and having passed the GPC’s strict standards for appearance, conformation and health (inter alia ‘HD frei’). All the Pointers are registered with the GPC and have a GPC-designated tattoo in the left ear. They are also registered with the American Kennel Club and are AKC champions.





Our love for dogs has not always been focused entirely on English Pointers. In early 2001, the Farm acquired a four-month old Scottish Deerhound from the breeder, who brought him to us from Germany. Amadan proved up to his (Gaelic) name, being lively, fun-filled, extremely inquisitive, extraordinarily affectionate, and exceedingly fleet of foot. Deerhounds attain a size much greater than Pointers… and are known for their exuberant playing styles. Thus Amadan had to acclimatize to the smaller Pointers and learn to treat them respectfully as fellow family members rather than as playthings. Rather than bunking with the Pointers in the mud room however, he lived in the main house as a fully-entitled family member, frequently appropriating the sofa or a large chair as his domain. Deerhounds are not blessed with long life expectancies and, sadly, Amadan left us in mid-2010.